Cinemaniac Reviews Proudly Presents: Snippets

Hello peeps,

I’m gonna say it for the umpteenth time: I love ushering at a movie theater.  It’s such a rewarding experience.  You get to be yourself, and for me, that’s someone who loves movies.  I’m always curious how someone liked their movie, what movie someone might be about to see, and I love being able to tell people that they’re about to see a great movie.  Sometimes what I’ll tell them is a great movie is something I’ve actually seen, and really enjoyed.  Or maybe I didn’t enjoy it.  Or maybe I didn’t even see it.

But I’d like to eliminate that last part as much as possible.  I’m certainly not saying that I have time to see every movie in the theater–but I’d like to see as many as possible, of course.  I do, however, have time to watch movies while I’m on my thirty-minute breaks.  Thirty minutes, to me, means that I won’t get enough of the movie to say I actually watched it, or to write a full review on it, but I can take a substantial amount away from what I’ve seen in that amount of time, so I can pretty much tell whether it’s a good movie or not.  It’ll also be feasible to write a paragraph based on my reaction to what I see when I stop in to watch a movie on my breaks.

So now, I present Snippets, my little name for a feature at Cinemaniac Reviews, coming very soon, that will feature my one-paragraph reactions to the thirty minutes I can manage to see of a movie.  Of course, I’ll still be reviewing stuff that’s out on DVD, and I’ll still be writing full reviews for full movies I see in theaters.  In fact, if I see thirty minutes of a movie, but I plan on seeing it that week, I won’t write a Snippet; I’ll wait till I see the full movie, and from there I’ll write the full review.

I’m open to any feedback on this.  I know some of you aren’t wild over the idea over basing an opinion on just part of a movie.  I do agree with you, but in most cases, I’m noticing that movies closer to the mainstream end of the spectrum generally can be enjoyed wherever you drop in at.  Arthouse movies, not so much.

Take care, y’all.

–Alexander “The Cinemaniac” Diminiano


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  1. Yeah I think that’s a great point you make at the end. Mainstream blockbusters are pretty easy to pick up on wherever you happen to pick up on it, whereas indie films — eh, yeah they may take the entire runtime before anything seems “good,” or truly “bad.” Or if things even make sense. So many times I’ve watched a small time art house flick and didn’t think the last scene was going to save it. And then it did.

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