The Gambler

Superb editing, but that ain’t gonna erase the fact that this movie overall just ain’t great. Shallow drama about a guy who’s leading a double life: literature professor by day, gambloholic by night. “The Gambler” is a remake of a James Caan movie with the same name, except that one was released forty years ago, so I doubt it has as much head-shakingly familiar “Wolf of Wall Street” DNA as this 2014 copycat does. I mean, if you want to honor James Caan on a movie’s fortieth anniversary, then honor James Caan, not Leonardo DiCaprio. And jeez, actually get someone who wants to play the role. Mark Wahlberg is awesome, but he seems so bored here. It doesn’t help that he’s delivering a pretty weak screenplay. Can you believe this was actually written by someone with “The Departed”–a crime drama that’s actually worth seeing–on his résumé?



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