Taken 3

22 years ago, there was a movie called “The Fugitive”. 22 years ago, Liam Neeson was known for dramas like “Schindler’s List”. Now he’s known for action movies like “Taken 3”, which is practically a remake of “The Fugitive”. In other words, the story concerns Neeson trying to prove his innocence to the authorities when he is framed for wife’s murder. This January release is ironically better than the November release that was “Taken 2”, especially since it takes a step back from the “guy tries to save his family from terrorists” trope. It’s also a lot more exciting than that last entry. On the other hand, the action sequences can be so hard to enjoy, because these scenes are edited frenetically by a madman. (If you’re prone to seizures, do not sit in the front review.) Also, we get it that Neeson wants to prove his innocence, but when he feels compelled to make his point by threatening and assaulting police officers and crashing police cars, he should probably just accept the fact that he’s gonna be serving jail time anyway.



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