Both the editing and the acting deserve awards. The script? Not so much.
Movie Review #987

This review is a loving parody of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars”.

Harvard is the ideal place
For the kid with the mousey face,
But his homies are yelling, “No!”
While his teachers all tell him to go
But his friends are no where to be seen.
They’re indulging in sex and weed
The kid joins ’cause he wants to fit in
Even though he’s a nerdy teen.
“Dope” can be such a saddening bore
That you’ve seen thirty times or more.
Though its cast is solid, diverse,
We can’t help but to focus on

Jump cuts,
Hip-hop montages
Oh man!
Look at that editor go.
It’s a stylish show-ow-ow.
Take a look at the characters
So weakly developed.
Oh man!
Wonder if they’d ever know
They’re so two-dimensional-al-al
In this film called “Dope”.

It is not a bad film, you see,
And it’s not great, just in between.
The diverse and quite talented cast
Manages to save its flat ass.
Shameik Moore is outstanding, good,
In this fable about Inglewood.
Zoë Kravitz is at her best.
A$AP Rocky and Tyga impress.
Since John Hughes own age d’or,
We’ve seen “Dope” thirty times or more
But the cast here livens it up
And they lead us to focus on

Freeze frames,
Split screens, and rap music
Oh man!
Style is so key in “Dope”.
It’s the snazziest show-ow-ow.
Take a look at the geek who
Wants to go to Harvard.
Oh man!
The ending feels so contrived.
It too quickly arrives
In this film called “Dope”.


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