My endorsement of John Kasich


In my four and a half years as a film blogger, this is the first time that I have posted about something other than movies.  This post may also be the most important post I have ever written, and I encourage you all to read every word of it.  My blog has 3,897 followers, and if each one of you reads this PSA, and spreads the word to every American voter you know personally, then together we could make the change that America truly needs.  I now present to you my personal endorsement of Governor John Kasich as President of the United States, which I posted on Facebook only a few minutes ago:

I had said at an earlier time that I would donate money to Marco Rubio’s campaign when I got money back from filing taxes. Unfortunately, Marco has ended his campaign. Lately, however, John Kasich has started to seem more and more like the President America needs. I plan to contribute regularly to his campaign and vote for him in the primary election. I encourage every one of you to do the same.

I have great hope that Governor Kasich can win the Presidency. If he and Ted Cruz can together earn enough support to stop Donald Trump from receiving 1,237 delegates by July, then the result will be a brokered convention. Seeing as the Republican establishment does not want Trump as their leader, we will see a battle between Cruz and Kasich. If Cruz earns the nomination, the Republicans will lose to the Clinton machine this year, but if Kasich prevails, we will have an honest, moderate President who sincerely cares about America.

Seeing Kasich win the general election would be a beautiful catharsis to the chaotic state of politics during this primary season. I support him not as a Republican but as a centrist American thinker. Kasich is the only Republican candidate who is well-loved by Democrats. If he earns a nomination, then America earns a President that fits the interests of all people. As a governor, not a senator or a businessman, he is the only candidate in either party who has the experience most needed in a President.

Kasich has proven to be an underdog in the race for the Oval Office. He has seemingly been an unknown in the race until recently, and I am positive that he has a chance to win the election in November. I encourage all of you to support and vote for John Kasich as your great nation’s next leader.


5 thoughts on “My endorsement of John Kasich

    • We have pretty slim pickings this time around. Bernie should be ahead in the Democratic race, but instead, Hillary is in the lead. I would like Hillary because she’s traditionally very moderate (she’s trying to seem progressive now so that she can edge out Bernie’s supporters), but she’s a lying cheat and a complete scumbag. Kasich is pretty moderate, too, and that’s why I like him. Plus he’s rather honest and he’s overall just a great guy. Like President Obama, he seems like the kind of guy who you could sit down and have a beer with. It really pisses me off, though, that a Biblethumping Tea Party conservative and a businessman who knows nothing about realistic politics have more support than Kasich.

  1. I’m not even American but I’m interested to know more about your views on John Kasich’s stand on key issues and his proposed policies, and how you think these would be the best fit for the country. I’ve done a little bit of research on him and he seems to have the same problematic views as the rest of the Republican candidates on a number of issues, but he’s just less crazy and Trump-y about it. This whole Republican/Democrat nominee race has been so personality-driven, and that shouldn’t be the way. Kasich seems like he might be a nice guy, but is that enough?

    • I’m glad you take interest in American politics despite not being American. As a proud American, that makes me very happy.

      When you say “the same problematic views as the rest of the Republican candidates on a number of issues,” which issues would you be referring to? There are some liberal values that he doesn’t embrace (he’s not pro-choice, for example), but he does have several (many of his immigration policies, for example), and that’s why liberals love him. The problem he faces is that he’s not as appealing among strongly conservative voters, so he won’t garner enough support to defeat Trump or Cruz with delegates alone. But what he has going for him is that he (along with Rubio, before he dropped out) are the establishment’s favorites, so if Trump doesn’t achieve 1,237 delegates, the result will be a brokered convention, and Kasich will more than likely win. Still, he needs all the support he can get, in order to block Trump from reaching 1,237 delegates.

      • I do find the whole process genuinely interesting. But also from a practical perspective, I know that my country has a history of following America’s decisions, so I feel particularly invested in trusting that America’s future president is one who will make good choices.

        I suppose the main issues would be the defunding of woman’s health care services, attacks on women’s reproductive rights, the whole gun control issue, a known history of education cuts, questionable approach to unions/worker rights, questionable approach to climate change, the list goes on. I think it’s fair to say that those issues appear to be common amongst the Republican candidates. Kasich appears to be presented in a more moderate manner because he’s not overtly crazy or racist and therefore less dangerous. That being said, I would probably prefer him over Trump or Cruz because those two are both so irrational and potentially actually crazy.

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