Welcome to Cinemaniac Reviews.

Because you clicked on this “About” page (or the guy next to you did), I’m led to believe that you are in need of some information about the blog. So here’s ten things I’m getting out of the way right here. If your concerns are not answered here, please check the “FAQ” page–or, you can always feel free to contact me on Twitter @moviefreakblog.

1. As much as I love Citizen Kane, it’s my own firm belief that The Birth of a Nation is the greatest American movie. It goes without saying that it’s also one of the most anti-American movies, but the subject matter remains as relevant, intriguing, and unsettling as it was almost a century ago.

2. A key maxim when I watch movies is: If there is an unrated, extended, intended, or director’s cut, and it’s just as available as the theatrical cut, I shall watch it.

3. I review every movie I watch, unless it has already been reviewed here, and with the exception of less than five movies, I’ve followed this as a law since this blog’s genesis on July 30, 2011.

4. I hold strong distaste in the MPAA, and if you haven’t found out…you will.

5. My favorite filmmakers include Woody Allen, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, the Coen brothers, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, and Steven Spielberg.

6. Last I checked, I’ve cleared off 148 of IMDb’s Top 250.  About 125 of those (a solid half of the list) have been reviewed here.

7. I hate the word “Hollywood,” because over the course of about thirty to forty years, the connotation has gone from oh-so-positive to oh-so-negative.  It bugs me trying to tell between the two.

8. I love writing reviews of awful movies.  When you can get away with it, trashing what is utter trash can be so fun.

9. This blog features seven reviews a week.

10. Never let me hear that a review is a “complaint” or “just too mean,” etc.  It’s complaining and meanness with reason, if nothing else.

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